Choosing Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska

Choosing Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska

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Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska

Everyone wants to age in place, and no one really likes change. However, for many Alaska seniors, choosing assisted living in Anchorage, Alaska is a perfect solution that allows them a far better quality of life than struggling to remain in a family home or all alone. Deciding if in-home care or assisted living is best for you could be start of the decision making process.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a facility that provides help for disabled or elderly adults who are having trouble living independently.

What is Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska Really Like?

Every facility is a little bit different. At Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage, Alaska, they provide individual apartments (you may choose to have a roommate or not). Baxter feels more like help to live independently than it really does assisted living! A list of the BEST assisted living facilities in Anchorage Alaska can help your search.

It’s not being in a nursing home, and it doesn’t feel like that. It also is not living all by yourself in an isolated apartment. Assisted living allows you to live independently as much as you can, and then gives you help when you need it.

Pros and Cons of Assisted Living

All things have benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin when it comes to assisted living:


  • All 50 states have rules and regulations as well as bodies to oversee assisted living facilities to ensure their compliance to standards.
  • Assisted living facilities are designed for safety.
  • Seniors have plenty of freedom to maintain their independence by bringing their own furniture and possessions to the assisted living facility and can still set their own schedules.
  • Assisted living provides lots of opportunities for socializing. They offer things like day trips, exercise classes, celebrations and community meals in the dining room.


  • Moving away from home is a big change. This is going to take a major readjustment and may mean leaving behind certain people or places that are near and dear to one’s heart.
  • Needs change. If, as things change, you need more care, charges for the facility will increase. You can not decline these changes or charges, because you cannot decline medically needed care. This is for the sake of your own safety.

Fear of the Unknown

Many people resist assisted living because they have no idea what to expect. Don’t let assisted living become the monster under the bed or the elephant in the room. Make sure you have very open lines of communication with seniors in your life. Hear their opinions and concerns, and share yours as well.

Take a look at some of the biggest fears about assisted living, and how far from reality they can be.

Independence: When it comes to independence, living in one’s “own home” may actually be a facade. If living in the same house you have for most of your adult life means being homebound, depending on undependable people, cutting corners, or making concessions just to stay in the home, it may no longer be worth it. This isn’t true independence anyway.

Personal Possessions: People think assisted living means a nursing home. In reality, in assisted living you can keep things like your furniture, pictures, keepsakes, etc. Yes, downsizing is necessary, as it would be to move to any apartment. However, keeping your prized possessions and things that make you feel comfortable is absolutely encouraged.

Pets: Pets are part of the family and being asked to give up your dog or cat could be reason enough to not make a move. The great news is, in a senior living facility like Baxter Senior Living, you can bring your pet!

Friends: A move is always scary, and the roughest part is always moving away from long time neighbors and friends. The thing about senior living is that allows you to stay socially active and be around lots of other seniors who you can relate to. Yes, leaving old friends is hard, but making new ones is always a gift.

Respite Care

If you are unsure about senior living or want to see what it’s really like, consider respite care. Baxter is happy to welcome you for a short term stay while an at home caregiver is ill or away, or to meet other needs. For information visit Baxter Senior Living’s website to schedule a visit.

Living at Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage Alaska

At Baxter Senior Living, we work to ensure that our community is an extension of your loved ones family. If you are at a place in your life that you need to discuss Anchorage Assisted Living, Anchorage Memory Care, or Anchorage Respite Care please reach out today. We are happy to help answer any questions. Contact a Baxter Senior Living Representative today! 907-865-3500


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